Dragons of Blackminster

City Watch 07 - The Evil and the UNSEEN

Many thousands of books have been written stating the Good is greater than Evil. This does not always hold out in practice.

The Evil Duplicate of Gaston managed to kill the “less evil” original, despite lots of attempted rescues from Richard and Mulan. The body of the original vanished and the mirror was heard to slurp!

The new Gaston then managed to grapple Richard and drag him into line of sight with the mirror, creating a duplicate of the ranger too.

The original Richard was cut down by his duplicate and by Gaston, Then Abraham was cut down by his duplicate (and Gaston) and finally, Gaston went after Mulan, grabbing her and dragging her too in front of the mirror. For some reason she wasn’t duplicated!

Sadly, the duplicate of Abraham was just as perceptive as the original and noticed the supposedly non-magical closed-eye amulet that had been the focus of their first murder investigation. The girl had been wearing it ever since they liberated it from its hiding place inside the statue. It did not radiate magic, so they had not investigated it further.

It was an amulet of non-detection, making the bearer immune to being seen by magical means and that also meant the bearer was immune to the magical effect of the mirror.
When anti-Abraham pointed out the amulet, anti-Gaston snatched it from her and his body returned to the control of the original and Mulan was duplicated and immediately slew her original.

Now everyone was dead but somehow the original Gaston was back in a body.

The perceptive anti-Abraham realised what was going on and attacked him and combat flared up again. Somehow Gaston managed to be the last man standing.

He retained a few memories from his time as anti-Gaston and knew the spirits of his companions were still in the Mirror, but that they would swiftly fade. He attacked the mirror with his greataxe and soon his lost companions were crawling out of the wreckage of broken glass.

They managed to get some help and healing from a couple of priests that the librarians had called, and soon the wizardess Sapphire O’Toole had arrived. She explained a few things about the Mirror of Opposition and also about how the woman who stole the Mirror of Teleporting had presumably been duplicated too. With the Mirror destroyed, her duplicate was also destroyed, so she would be free to concentrate on attuning the Mirror Portal. This would only take an hour (and might even be part-way through already) and then Lissa would be able to open the portal to the distant Orciish Citadel and start bringing through an army of Orcs!

They only have a few minutes to pursue and prevent this disaster from happening. The Librarians will send for more troops and more priests but nobody is going to get here in time. It is up to our heroes.

They plunge back into the sub-basement, following the distant sound of a woman chanting a spell.

She has left some sort of stone mushroom at one of the T junctions and it starts spitting out magic missiles as Richard approaches. Even though they quickly work out that it cannot see Gaston (because of the Amulet), everybody tries to slip past and is blasted. Only Gaston and Abraham make it past the magical trap, which they finally smash. Richard and Mulan were blasted into unconsciousness and they have no healing spells or potions left.

Sapphire and her monkey familiar are following along behind – although she is a very knowledgeable wizardess – she isn’t an adventuring type – more of a college professor!
In the next session – two of the players will be playing Sapphire and Mr Flannigan for a short while. There can’t be much more between them and the Drow Priestess with the Portal Mirror!



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