Dragons of Blackminster

Shar Gazoth 05 - Shrooms

Under the waterfall. Splashes, puddles, the water thundering away beneath the grating.
Gaston intrigued by a couple of triangles of wetness against the wall, starting about 3 feet
up and widening out towards the floor, swipes it with his finger and tastes just before he realises what it is.

He’s still spitting it out and muttering under his breath, when they have descended several hundred yards in the wide sloping tunnel.

They arrive at wider point, where two stairs vanish into the darkness, separated by a thick stone wall, investigation reveals that the flow of water is inside this partition. Mulan had studied the Journal of Agraven and realised that for the water to be thundering behind the right-hand wall, Agraven must have passed down the left-hand stair.

An hour’s descent later and they came upon three Orcs sat round a cooking fire on a wider landing.
There was a brief fight and they cut down the orcs (members of the hunting party they saw entering the place (I forgot to mention that these were all slightly injured – nothing an hour’s rest wouldn’t have fixed).

Among the orcs’ belongings they found a very tightly-sealed pot a few inches wide. Clayton unscrewed it to find it contained a foul-smelling paste. The smell clung to them for hours.

An hour further and they reached the foot of the stair and entered a vast cavern filled with a fungus forest and lit by glowing lichens. Away to the north (their right) they could see a veil of water spraying from the cavern roof, forming a rainbow curtain.

A large mushroom, just inside the cavern, suddenly opened its eyes and spoke to them in a cloud of spores. Within moments, they were in conversation and found that the spores filled their noses and mouths and. seemed to make mental communication with each other and with the Myconid.


It asked them who they were and demanded a password. They didn’t know the password but tried to talk their way out of it. Sadly the Myconid could now read some of their thoughts, When asked if it liked the orcs, it replied that they had a truce and the orcs paid them with a living tribute – a few orcs (captives/criminals) who they transform into hosts for their own spores.

Gaston tried to offer them Mulan, she objected and Gaston then attacked the creature before further negotiations could occur. As soon as it was attacked, it released distress spores that activated a dozen Spore Servants (infected/possessed orcs). In a tough battle, our heroes prevailed, but Jock, Mulan and Gaston were all badly injured..Abraham managed to learn the password from the creature’s mind but even when he tried to use it, Gaston (still connected through the spores) was clearly not going to accept a peaceful solution.

They killed the Myconid and then had to fight a dozen more of the spore-controlled plant/orcs as there was nobody left to call them off! During the fight Mulan had to use a Thunderwave, so the boom of the spell echoed a long way across the cavern/forest.


As soon as the fight finished, Clayton cast another Pass Without Trace and they fled into the mushroom forest. A couple of hours into the forest, they camped and rested. When they made breakfast a few giant wasps came to investigate. They easily killed the first wasp scouts but their combat pheromones attracted more and more. Fortunately Clayton remembered the pot of stink paste, threw it into the air and shot it so it dispersed all over the wasps. [GM a spectacular time to roll a natural 20!] The wasps panicked and fled. Only Jock had been poisoned, and he will be paralysed until the poison wears off.



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