Dragons of Blackminster

Spelljammer #06 - Gravalax and G'Vrain

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[GM: we were missing most of the players but played anyway with Clayton and Mulan getting the spotlight]

They spent 5 more days on the Rock of Braal as the ship repairs and improvements were done by Starfire Foundry.

On the day before they were meant to set sail. A fourth Scro Squidship approached the Rock and signalled to the other three Scro ships, using flags.


They asked the Elf Ambassador what was said and learned the incoming ship “Glorious Death In Battle Guarantees Paradise” had a Captain of Captains aboard, and was giving orders to the three others Scro ships to make ready to leave in 8 hours. The “Glory” then raised a banner in common saying “Witness the fate of an Assassin” and proceeded to crucify an Elf prisoner with slow and grisly torture. As the ship was sitting in “Neutral Zone” about 1000 feet from the port, the 2 Elf ships present could not intervene.

Mulan considered a crossbow shot to put the victim out of his misery but decided not to risk it as she didn’t know what the diplomatic consequences would be.

When the Scro ships left later that day, Clayton insisted they wait a couple of days before setting out, to give them time to get out of their path.

They hired the 10 half-orc crewmen suggested by Shalaarvik – the Beholder Barman from the “Eye and Eye”. They came up with a cunning plan to hide the secret of their unique ship’s helm. A couple of the red-orc crewmen are to pretend to sit on a dummy “helm”. They have also been relying on the presence of Zerth Symron to explain how they can navigate around in Chaos.

On the way back to the Chaos Portal, Clayton tried to get familiar with the new cannon which has been re-positioned on the main deck as the new Ram now blocks its old position. The Ship’s Carpenter built a sort of pill-box around it to give the gun crew some protection.

They took some shots at a barrel, but after a few misses, he gave up.
[GM: I’d decided that it will take three successful hits on a long-range target to allow a person to get their Proficiency Bonus with the cannon – it is covered by Martial Proficiency and by Fireams Proficiency but is sufficiently different that it will take this small amount of practice to get used to. The ship has 27 cannon balls remaining after the three practice shots.]

Once in Chaos, they decided to try hunting for another Starwhal before going to collect the “Traitor Prince” from the beholder’s lair.

They spent a couple of days hunting in the same area they saw the other one. They spotted a faint silvery trail showing where a Starwhal had recently flown into an asteroid field around a “nebula” – an area of boiling hot gas.

They followed it in, dodging the asteroids – (the ship taking some minor damage) and located a Starwhal. The creature was floating in the asteroid field, occasionally flicking its tail to doge a speeding rock. [GM: it seems to have 360 senses and dodges the rocks fairly easily. Legends known to Zerth Symron indicate they are fire resistant, so would be able to flee into the Nebula]


They tried to circle round behind it so it couldn’t dive for cover in the nebula but took more minor hits from the rocks. Then Clayton opened fire on it with the cannon at extreme range (double-powder), getting a solid hit and the beast started to flee. They gave chase, weaving between the flying debris.

A second shot from the cannon – with another double powder load, misfired, killing a couple of the red-orc crewmen. Clayton called in 4 of the half-orcs to clear the misfire and reload.

They got close enough to take shots with the harpoons, one missed but the other hit and the beast started dragging them through the asteroids. Clayton fired the cannon again and got a critical hit [GM: 20D10!]. It was double-powder again but this time the whale had been in short range and the damage shredded it.

After the hunt, Zerth Symron their Githzerai passenger, looked unusually pale. As he had been within telepathic range of the Starwhal when it died, he had sensed its thoughts. “It is an intelligent creature – not just a beast – it has a language and it was wondering why you were attacking it!”

After a day of stripping the carcass they headed for the Veil of Terror and the meeting with Gravalax a couple of days from the Chaos Portal.


Approaching the Veil,they flew up until they could see the top of it and the right-hand corner. A small asteroid nestled inside the veil with a little strip of rock jutting out almost to the edge of the shimmering spell field. To either side of the strip, stood 10ft tall cages with black cloth drapes covering them – like giant bird cages.

When they got within a mile a strange magical effect hit all the spellcasters on-board. An apparently random spell – most resisted but Mulan, in the crows-nest with her familiar, suddenly became paralysed. Mooshoo squawked to call for help and Clayton scrambled up to help her. He immediately became affected by the same confusion spell Mulan was radiating a field of “confusion” about 10’ around her. They spent the next few rounds either doing nothing or attacking each other! Clayton killed the familiar. Eventually Mulan threw off the effects and climbed part way down the mast so that nobody was within 10 feet.

Abraham used a detect magic ritual to investigate what was going on and determined that the “curse” would remain on Mulan for an hour and that the random magical attack was in an area -mile around the beholder’s lair and would trigger every hour, on every spell-caster in the area.

They approached the asteroid carefully, not wanting to enter the Veil as it would trigger the Terror attack they had experienced when they passed through it a couple of months earlier. They flew a Jolly Roger flag, as they had been instructed by Shalaarvik and a goblin, mounted on a mechanical fly, the size of a pony, scuttled to the edge of the cave mouth, looking out onto the landing strip and gestured for them to wait. The veil didn’t seem to penetrate the rock, although it did cover the short landing-strip area.


The goblin went back inside, and within a minute, a Beholder floated out, using its anti-magic eye to part the Veil so the landing strip became clear. Clayton and Zerth dropped onto the strip and then Mulan jumped down too, her Confusion globe temporarily cancelled by the beholder’s central eye.


Gravalax asked for his 8,000gp payment and had his goblin count it. Mulan asked about the confusion spell and was told that it was a disruptive magical effect generated by Gravalax himself. The creature clearly found it amusing as he turned to lead them into the asteroid, removing the cone of anti-magic and leaving the three visitors exposed to the Veil of Terrors AND the confusion. Zerth dimension-doored back to the ship, Clayton and Mulan had another minor fight before Mulan managed to run ahead of Gravallax and get back into the Anti-magic zone.

The cavern inside the asteroid was littered with treasure – gold, jewels, two sets of magical armour, 20 barrels of gunpowder. Also, a small – two-seater starship – a Dragonfly design – with its wings removed and odd blue flickering coming from its helm.
“It seems to have malfunctioned when it came into my zone of influence” Gravalax sniggered “If I can repair it, it should be worth a lot of money”

He got his goblin lackey “Scrotum” to open a cell door and they found Prince G’Vrain of Voranda inside. The handsome, well-built man was naked and covered in elaborate tatoos of a flaming sun and a phoenix. On a rack outside the cell, he had an ornate suit of Samurai Armour master-work half-plate) and a masterwork Katana – Gravalax agreed they could take that too.


G’vrain was drooling quietly to himself – clearly frazzled by the magical effect of the Beholder’s influence. Gravalax warned them – he is some kind of cleric, so keep him bound and gagged and blindfolded “I would have cut out his tongue and eyes, but the Wanted Poster offers more money for him alive and unharmed.”

Gravelax warns them not to forget to pay the remaining 12,000gp to his “associate” Shalaarvik the barman, or he will come looking for them.

They get back to the ship and put G’Vrain in the brig. Clayton suggests nobody talk to him and they keep him gagged and bound. As they have a journey of three weeks, they have to un-gag him so he can eat and drink. After a week, the dementia has worn off and he asks to speak.to the captain – but Clayton refuses.

The half-orc guards relay that he claims to be a Paladin of Pyruss, sun god of the Vorandans.

After another few days, Mulan decides to talk to him. He is polite, chivalrous and appears to be a Lawful Good Paladin of Pyruss – God of Fire and the Sun of Voranda. He tells his tale and asks her not to hand him over to the evil Lord Protector!

_“G’Vrain’s father, the R’Treel, King of Vorander is very old and came to increasingly rely on his First Minister Bu’Tross, making him Lord Protector about 8 years ago. The Lord Protector was a high priest of Pyruss who decided to close the borders of Vorander 5 years ago to avoid getting dragged into the war between the Elves and Scro. Once the borders were closed – the regime became more and more severe – executing people who tried to communicate with the worlds beyond and spreading the belief that all outsiders are Infidels who will burn in hell.

Prince G’Vrain led a faction that opposed this isolationism. Eventually the Lord Protector declared G’Vrain a heretic and arrested and executed most of his supporters. G’Vrain was convinced by his remaining supporters to flee the system two years ago and come to the Rock of Braal, a Neutral Zone. After a year on the Rock, he was pursued by bounty hunters (despite the Neutrality of the rock) and had to flee into Chaos to escape. His Dragonfly ship malfunctioned because of the Beholder’s magic and he was captured.

He says that without him as the focus of a revolution, the Vorandan’s are doomed to the religious oppression of the Lord Protector."_

When Mulan passes this on to Clayton and the others there is long debate about what they should do next. If he can be believed, Prince G’Vrain seems like a good man and it seems like the Lord Protector is an evil fanatic.

On the other hand, they will get paid 50,000gp if they hand over the Prince for execution.
In terms of pure money, because Voranda has been closed for 5 years, if they buy a shipment of Vorandan wine with their 50,000 they might be able to triple the value (or more!).

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SpellJammer #05 - Rock of Braal
An avoidable death

During the next few days in the “Flow”, heading for the Rock of Braal, our heroes chat to Colonel Havoc, commander of the Giff marines that the elves leave aboard the “Hammer”. They describe the local region of space.


Distances are shown in WEEKS at max cruising speed for the “Hammer” and for Elven Man-o-War ships. Normal ships take double the time. Slow ships take four-times the time.

The Giff are mercenaries, usually hired for months in advance. The money is sent to their Council of Generals back on the Giff Homeworld (out past Realms-space) via the Giff Embassy on the Rock of Braal. Havoc’s regiment was hired by the Elven Sylvarian Empire and has another month to go before the Elves need to renew the contract. They probably won’t renew as there only 3 remaining members of the Glorious 7th.
The Giff do not have any spellcasting ability and cannot helm ships of their own and are magic resistant – immune to charm and fear.

Our heroes pretend that the spare helm from the Death Tyrant’s ship is their helm so that the giff and the elves don’t realise their ship is unique.

The Rock of Braal is about one mile long and half a mile across. It has an atmosphere and standard gravity and rumour is, that it has one or more “helms” buried at the base of the rock. Most of the surface is covered in warehouses and taverns and docks and foundries in perpetual daylight with the residential areas in caverns. The top of the rock is flat and planted with orchards and vineyards and herds of goats.

No fighting is permitted on the rock – punishment is severe – upto confiscation of the offender’s ship, imprisonment of the crew and banning ships from their faction from the place for years at a time. The Scro only recently completed a period of three years banned a couple of months ago.

The one exception to this is the Arena – formal challenges can be issued and agreed to. Combat in the Arena is always to the death. Combats are fought on Friday nights. There is a lot of gambling on the outcome.

They go to Starfire Foundry and talk to Rutgert Ironhold, the Dwarven master ship-wright.
To do basic repairs to the ship – 10K
To fit the Starhal’s Horn as an effective ram – 10K
To waterproof the ship’s hull in case they want to land on water– 10K
To fit armour plating – 10K
To fit the Starwhal’s ribcage so that it becomes part of the magical helm and improves the ship – 10K
Replacing the Cannon – 10K
The work will take 5 days.

They pool together their money and gems and can pay for most of it. They sell the meat and innards of the Starwhal and Rutger buys the inner heart of the beast for 900gp – explaining it can be used as a magical Heroes Feast. He offers to let them buy it back for 2,000.

On top of all the other unique features of their ship, they are the only active “whaling” ship in space. Starwhals are too fast and manouverable for larger ships, too dangerous for smaller ships. They are almost the only ship that still has Ballista and certainly the only one with harpoons on 1,000 ft cables. Their shio is old-fashioned – even archaic as it was designed a few thousand years earlier – blueprints left by the God, Torkas.

Also the Starwhals are only found in Chaos, a dangerous zone where ships often wander lost for weeks (even with a native guide) and for months without one. The fact that they have the githzerai – Zerth Symron aboard (waiting a chance to pay back his “life-debt”) acts as a cover story for how they manage to enter Chaos and find their way out again. Githzerai and Githyanki very rarely act as guides for other races.

Clayton is still distraught about not being able to get drunk – the “curse” of the Gnome King still affects him and everything he drinks turns to pure water. He tries to make some money out of this ability by offering to drink the most-deadly booze they have, but the Rock-dwellers have seen everything before and sense a scam. They suggest doing this drinking challenge in the sight of Shalaarvik, the beholder barman at the “Eye and Eyes” tavern.


With his middle eye open, a cone of anti-magic shines forth, negating the curse and Clayton can finally taste his beer. He gratefully gets drunk then wanders off to find “ladies of negotiable virtue”. In his drunken state he asks for the most bizarre alien available and ends up sleeping with a Thri-Kreen woman called Klaraatoo Nerada (a humanoid preying mantis!).


The rest of the crew spend their pay in similar fashion – on drink and entertainment.

Mulan goes off on a shopping spree, converting some gems and jewellery into cash, buying some pistols and powder and shot and powder kegs for the ship and finding a female companion of her own after a month as the only woman on a ship full of men and orcs.

Raef, Abraham and Jock find themselves in conversation with the Beholder – he seems to act and talk like a human (and may once have been human) but now he has the shape and strange powers of a Beholder. He keeps them supplied with free beer as long as they are telling tales of their homeworld and their journey. He is even friendly enough not to accept Raef’s crazy challenge to a fight in the Arena. Raef has heard about the gambling and thinks he can make fast money by betting on himself in a fight to the death.

When Shalaarvik learns they have a fast ship and have a Githzerai guide, he offers them a lucrative commission…

There are wanted posters up for “THE TERRORIST PRINCE G’VRAIN OF VORANDER” 50K if he is delivered ALIVE for trial to the Lord Protector of Vorander. Vorander used to trade with the Rock, they have about 30 star-ships but over the last 10 years or so they have become increasingly withdrawn, finally closing their borders 5 years ago – some say not wanting to get involved in the Elf/Scro war, others that their religious leaders convinced them that all outworlders are heretical. Stocks of Vorandan wine are becoming very precious as the Portal to Vorander is guarded and ships that enter are either turned away or never seen again. The Wanted Poster promises the reward and safe passage. Vorandans are basically human – but with green-ish skin.

Shalaarvik has a “contact” who has the Prince stashed away in a lair inside Chaos and he has been waiting for a ship capable of making the trip with a decent chance of success. When they seem interested, and asking or a promise of discretion, he reveals that his “contact” is a True Beholder called Gravalax, who dwells in Chaos in a place called the Veil of Terrors. From the description it is the magical veil that cast Phantasmal Force on the whole ship as they passed through it. This Gravalax has a lair in the North East corner of the Veil. They have the position of the Veil marked on their Magical Chart as it fills-in automatically as their ship travels. It would take them 3 weeks to get back to the Chaos Portal and is only 2 days from the Portal to the Veil. They might even be able to hunt another Starwhal as an added incentive to return to Chaos. Gravalax wants 20K of the 50K reward and Shalaarvik has bargained him down (via some form of Sending Spell) to only want 8K in advance (for handing over the prisoner) with a promise of the other 12K delivered to Shalaarvik within 10 days of the reward being paid. Vorander is only a couple of weeks from the Chaos Portal so this sounds fairly easy and quick (maybe 60 days roundtrip).

Shalaarvik also offers to recommend some half-orc crew to accompany them – “they are all tough sailors, experienced and can be trusted to be discreet”. He could arrange for 10 of them to sign-up for a 60 days for only 900g.

They more or less agree, but have to wait around on the rock a few more days for the repairs.

Raef is bored and itching to prove himself in the Arena, keen to bet on himself to win. He manages to get into a religious debate with an office of one of the 3 Scro Squidships currently in port – he claims that Torkas must only be a demi-god and that Gruumsh is the god of all right-thinking Scro. Raef disagrees and they agree to fight in the Arena.
It turns out that “Death-Hammer” is a priest, not quite as experienced as Raef, but he has fought a few times before in the Arena and they can get odds of 2:1 against Raef.


Not used to Arena fighting, Raef risks trying to cast his Darkness spell directly on the Priest instead of around himself or just in the area (which would automatically work), and the spell fails to take hold. The priest manages to cast Hold Person on him, paralysing him and then hacks him to death while he is paralysed. It is a short and bloody fight and they then learn that the rules of the Arena mean all the loser’s possessions now belong to the victor. This includes his magical armour and a lot of money and gems.

Jock decides to challenge “Death-Hammer” (who should really have refused as he had already used some of his spells that day). Jock manages to bully the Scro into accepting. As the crowd realise Jock has now seen Death-hammer fight and must know what he is risking, the odds are only even on this second fight.

Jock manages to cast Blindness on the priest and the priest fails to hit him a few times, with his own hammer and with a spiritual weapon. Death-hammer then tries a powerful Spirit Guardians spell which Jock manages to mostly avoid and backs away. The priest lumbers blindly toward him, sending the crowd running for cover (as he cast it when blind, he could not exclude anyone!). Jock continues to sneak away then shoot, while the Scro stumbles after him.

Eventually Jock shoots him through the heart and then gasps as the priest snaps off the arrow and shakes off the blindness and keeps coming. It appears the priest had Death Ward which kept him in the fight for one last desperate attempt at Hold Person, but Jock shrugs it off again and shoots him through the eye. Raef is avenged. However, when the priest saw Jock handing over his valuables before the fight, he did the same and the only loot is non-magical chainmail, a Warhammer and a holy symbol of Gruumsh.

The rest of the crew recoup some of their losses through their bets. They didn’t think to use the Re-vivify spell to bring Raef back from the dead. His body has now been tossed into a garbage pit deep inside the Rock. “It’s what he would have wanted!” sniffs one of his fellow red-orc crewmen.

[GM: Please think before you do anything suicidal and completely unnecessary – I should have had the Beholder accept Raef’s first challenge but tried to talk him out of it instead. Frank – you should be able to play Jock unless Holly comes back, but if she does, you’ll have to create your own 10th level character. I’m not going to do it for you – it took me a few hours to create Raef and write up a character sheet with all the spells]

Spelljammer #04 - Out of Chaos

The ship has accumulated some damage (making it a bit more sluggish). There is no longer enough crew to manage the sails and rigging properly – and few among the human officers (the heroes) with familiarity with ships.

As their new ally – Zerth Symron, the Githzerai – learns more about their ship, the more he declares that “The Hammer of Torkas” is unique and will draw the envy of other Star-faring races if it becomes known.

As with all Spelljammer Helms, once the “helmsman” is attuned, they become able to see the “Flow” (the rivers of streaming energy that flow through space) so can guide the ship into these rivers to accelerate to inter-stellar speeds. Ships drop out of high-speed when they approach another vessel or object with gravity.

However, their Helm does not require a dedicated spell-caster whose entire spell-casting ability gets wiped out by sitting in the Helm.

Secondly the CHART (which is almost empty) magically draws itself as they travel. By pressing on places they have been, they can set course for there and the ship will pull in that direction.

Thirdly, the Sea of Chaos is usually trackless and ever-shifting. Ships who enter it can spend weeks or months trying to find a Portal back out. This Chart/Ship appears to know the location of a Portal out of Chaos and the helmsman can sense the direction. They might even be able to sense the Portal back to JADE. This is an ability usually only seen in a few monstrous races native to Chaos (the Slaadi) although other races like the Githyanki and Githzerai can vaguely sense direction and are sometimes paid to help guide ships who want to make journeys into Chaos.

After another couple of days sailing through the dangers of Chaos, they are only one day from the Portal when they spot a small silvery moon floating ahead.

“That’s no moon!”

As they draw near, it unfurls, revealing itself to be a long thin silver-grey whale, half the length of the ship and with a glittering horn, 20 feet long, its base surrounded by diamonds.
The red orcs (and Clayton, priest of Torkas) are determined to give chase – the tomb carvings of their religion show scenes of Torkas harpooning such beasts and they believe this is an omen of great good fortune. The others agree, despite the poor state of the ship and crew.


Abraham the Inquisitor is currently attuned to the Helm and guides the ship in pursuit. Raef the Red-orc Warlock (and former pirate) attempts to guide the remaining crew in trimming the sails. The others prepare the harpoons in the two Ballistas, attaching the long cables to the harpoons.

Climbing back into the crows nest, Mulan watches through the eyes of her familiar (Mooshoo the pseudo-dragon) and detects patterns in the tilt of the beasts tail and fins as it switches direction, shouting down warnings so Abe can zig and zag after it.

They get within range of a ballista shot, but too far for a harpoon cable and the beast begins to accelerate away. Raef heads to the cannon with a couple of red-orc crewmen. They load a double-shot of black powder and a single ball and take a shot.

The others hear the huge boom and the ship emits a huge cloud of smoke and then plunges through it. As they emerge, they see a spray of blood from the Starwhal and it rolls over a few times before righting itself and continuing on (a bit slower).

They manage to close and Clayton manages to shoot it with a harpoon. As it tries to flee, the cable unwinds at frightening speed. They realise that if it reaches the end of the drum at this speed, the mechanism will be yanked out of the ship! There are huge brake levers on the drum and they struggle to slow the cable. The Starwhal begins the “Nantucket Sleigh Ride” as it pulls the ship through many twists and turns, trying to shale them off.

A second cannon ball hits it, using the last of the powder and the huge beast turns and charges. It comes in range of bows and javelins and is almost killed… almost. Then it crashes horn-first directly into the cannon room, shattering the cannon, destroying the prow of the ship and the crewmen barely manage to dive out the way of the destruction. The impact kills the beast and the crew give a great cheer.

It will take them hours (if not days) to disentangle the carcass from the ship and make repairs. While the others try to prize the diamonds and hack off the horn, Raef clambers inside the beast’s mouth, squeezing through the bloody mess at the back of its throat to investigate the gullet and belly. Inside he finds remains of many creatures, shredded by the sand-paper-like mouth and throat. There are shreds of the beholder/jeyy-fish creatures they encountered a few days before. One is wounded (burned by acid) but still alive. It attacks and Raef hits it with Eldritch blasts. The thing tries to paralyse him with one of its eye-rays and then tries to hit it with tendrils coated in poison. Fortunately for Raef, his warlock resistance defends him against poison and he shrugs off the paralysis ray. However the creature engulfs him and begins to digest.

Mulan has heard the commotion and made her way through the bloody and slimy organs and emerges just in time to shoot the creature. Both bolts pass within an inch of Raef’s flesh as the creature is so tightly wound around him. But she kills it and cuts the creature off him. There is nothing else of value in the guts of the beast except for a digested skeleton of a man, still wearing undamaged leather armour of black and brown strips [GM: +2 Leather Armour, granting Advantage to Stealth checks].

The Horn is porbably worth 20,000gp. The 12 fist-sized diamonds could be worth 2,000gp each. There are various other organs and oils and fats, plus the skin that could all be valuable too.

The ship is now in a very bad way and has lost its cannon and run out of powder. They decide to fit the skull and horn over the prow and wrap the rib cage around the ship. It is messy and looks jury-rigged, but helps to hold the hull together and the horn will make an excellent ram.

A couple of days later, they find one of the hexagonal plates floating in space – it looks like the plates that formed the wall of Jade’s Crystal Sphere, but this one is floating and tumbling in space on its own. As they approach, the plate shimmers and becomes a portal into “normal” space, stars glitter beyond it. They ship passes through and it closes behind them. The single hexagon now floats un-moving in empty space. A couple of hours away, Abraham can sense a “river” of energy streaking away from right to left – a broad river, the further in they go, the faster the ship will be carried.

Zerth Symron has travelled by Spelljammer once before, many years ago, hired by an Elven Man-O-War to aid them in a raid against mind-flayers (his species is resistant to psionic attacks and dedicated to destroying these hated foes). He believes the constellations to the left are familiar and it might lead towards a place called the “Rock of Braal” – a neutral asteroid, floating in open space where they should be able to trade for repairs and provisions. He doesn’t have a clue how far away it might be – just that some of the star formations look familiar.

After two days in the “Flow”, the ship suddenly decelerates as it draws close to (what Zerth Symron refers to as) an Elven Man-o-War. A much larger ship than the Hammer, with massive wrap-around green sails (veined like leaves).


This ship appears a long way in front, turns side on and opens its gun ports (6 cannon per side) then waits for them to approach, signalling with two green pennant flags, then , when they receive no answering signal, red pennants that they assume mean them to stop.
They stop and watch as a single elf, sitting cross-legged in space, not apparently armed, floats across to within shouting distance. He speaks first in elvish (nobody understands) then switches to Orcish (seeing there are red-orcs aboard).

“Declare yourselves and your business!”

They explain they are new to space travel and ask who he is.

“Ambassador DeSai of the Sylvarian Empire. Your ship appears to be allied with the filthy Scro Empire with whom we are in a State of War!”


Although the ancient name for the red orcs in their own language is indeed “Scro”, they explain that they are from a distant world, have never heard of either the Scro Empire or the Sylvarian Empire. If they ever were Scro, it has been three thousand years since they have had any contact beyond Jade. They explain they are on a religious quest, following visions that their god “Torkas” has sent to Clayton.

There is some discussion of Torkas, Lord of Storms – and it appears the Scro worship Gruumsh a war god and Torkas is unknown. [GM: Jade is such a small backwater world, that it is possible Torkas is only a demi-god after all]

DeSai is openly contemptuous of their crippled ship, wrapped in the skeleton of a Starwhal but is impressed and surprised that such a vessel could have managed to catch one. He offers to escort them through the Flow (three days) to the Rock of Braal. The Flow itself is a Neutral Zone and the Sylvarian and Scro fleets obey a treaty not to attack neutral ships in the Flow. However, Desai states that the “filthy Scro” cannot be trusted to keep to treaties so the Glorious Sylvarian Empire have to keep the Flows free from Scro piracy.

They agree to being escorted (for a small fee of 300gp) and are advised to fly a white flag to indicate Neutrality. A condition of the agreement is that a small squad of troops will be placed aboard “for your safety” (but probably to raise an alarm if the Hammer loads any weapons that might threaten the “Mystery Of Morning Wood”).

The squad that comes aboard are 3 Giff – 9-foot tall humanoids with grey-brown,warty skin and faces like hippo. They are dressed in bright-red Tunics, covered in medals and bristling with Flintlock Pistols, bandoliers of bullets and powder-horns and each carrying a long Musket – with a Greataxe slung on their backs. The officer is Mister Havoc – a Colonel of the 7th Regiment. It appears that these three are all that remain of the Glorious Seventh – Booyah!


Spelljammer 03 - The Silver Swords

In gratitude for their help, Zerth Symron tells them that the asteroid/world where they met, is actually the lair of a creature called a Morkoth. While these are usually sea-dwelling creatures, this Morkoth is more humanoid than most – like a fat warty human with an octopus head with many tendrils. Despite how it sounds it isn’t an Illithid (Symron spits when he says the word Illithid, as it was Illithids that created his race and kept them as slaves for thousands of years).

The Morkoth is dangerous and the place is populated by giant trolls who act as guards. That was the reason Symron went there – in the hopes that his pursuers would run into the trolls or the Morkoth and get killed. The creature is known to be a collector of magical items and strange beasts, so the place could be worth raiding.

They agree to help him fight the Githyanki Knights and about three hours later, the Githyanki return.

The First Knight appears with two of his warriors. As the first one in, he is protected by magical frost armour (Armor of Agathys).

Raef (Red Orc Warlock) casts darkness on the first Knight’s sword, which is great for Raef but terrible for all the others – particularly Mulan, Clayton and Jock who all shoot blindly.

The darkness moves with the Knight, but behind the globe, the Second Knight appears with his two warriors. They instantly slaughter 4 of the Red Orc crewmen.

One of the First Knight’s warriors teleports up to the Crows Nest and unexpectedly finds Mulan hiding up there. She swings around the mast and kicks him overboard. He drops to the dek 30 feet below and Zerth Symron attacks him.

Gaston charges into the dark and strikes the First Knight – getting “burned” by the frost armour.
Somehow he manages to push the Knight overboard – it will buy him some time, but the telekinetic Knight was soon back. Raef was hacked at by the second wave and soon loses concentration on his Darkness spell.

Raef and Gaston manage to kill the First Knight and Gaston goes to pick up the glittering silver greatsword. All the Githyanki gasp as he does so and Zerth Symron tells him to drop it, the silver blades are sacred to the Githyanki and they will stop at nothing to destroy an enemy who lays hands on them.

Gaston ignores the warning but then becomes the focus of the third Knight and his warriors.
Gaston falls [GM: the player asks if he can fall but keep clinging to the sword. He rolls high on a strength save] Symron tries to prise the sword from his grip to give it back to the attackers, but can’t manage.
Abraham meanwhile has been sacred flaming the enemy, but then casts Spirit Guardians. This affects everyone within 15 feet of him, including acting through the deck and there are screamsfrom some crew on the deck below. It is very effective against the knights and warriors and fortunately (for the crew below) he is knocked out before it kills the screaming crewmen.

Mulan and the two rangers manage to kill the Second Knight – Mulan does some impressive rope swinging to knock one off the ship and shoot it during the swing.

Of the five red orc crew who began on deck, only Staines survives. He hits a few warriors with his crossbow and manages to stabilise Abraham quickly. Gaston snaps awake [GM: luckily rolling a 20 on his death save] just as the remaining knight is about to plane shift away touching the silver sword. Refusing to relinquish the Silver Sword, Gaston is plane-shifted away too. [GM: asked if he will now let go, Gaston’s player refused. He only has 1 hp and has just been plane-shifted to the City of the Githyanki!]

Zeroth is disappointed that one of his pursuers got away and offers to leave, but they agree to him remaining as only one of the Knights can return next time.
He explains the fanatic reverence the Githyanki have for their swords. They dump the remaining body with its sword) and find two potions of armour of agathys and some silver plate mail +1

They wait for the return (after about 11 hours)

This time the First Knight brings two other Knights (one invisible!) But our heroes have a much better plan.
Raef hits the intruders with Fireball, the moment they arrive.
Milan, Clayton and Jock all shoot the First Knight and then Abe Spirit Guardians all three.
The first Knight goes down almost immediately, despite being magically boosted. Because of catching all of them in area effect spells, they manage to finish off the other two very quickly. they gain 3 potions of greater healing and 1 potion of Invis. and 3 more sets of +1 plate mail.

Zerth Symron is now free from the collar (which dissolved) and he offers to stay and serve them until his debt is paid.

There is a possibility of rescuing Gaston from the City of Githyank, but it would be incredibly dangerous. The Zerth can Planeshift up to 8 people. He knows where they have taken Gaston and the others. He describes the City of the Githyanki. Carved into the corpse of a dead god and the floating palace of the Lich Queen.


The palace is the ripped-out heart of the dead god and can only be reached from a portal gate in the city itself. The lost crewmen and Gaston will all have been taken to the Lich Queen and then fed into the “Mind Machine” for torture and interrogation.

Clayton is tempted to try a rescue (because of his “Leave nobody behind!” character trait) but accepts it would be too dangerous.
[GM: Gaston’s player will take over running Raef]

They are now close to the portal that leads out of this “Sea of Chaos” and will soon reach ‘normal” space.

Spelljammer 02 - Zerth Symron

The ship continues to pass through the Sea of Chaos. Past spinning balls of plasma, through lightning storms, past asteroids teeming with brightly-coloured plants. The ship had taken some minor damage from the collisions with the coral boulders but their carpenter patched it up (though they were running short of wood).

They reached a transparent veil, like an oil slick with many colours that shifted and shimmered like flame as they approached. As it touched the prow of the ship, the shimmering flame ran along the rigging and masts and covered the ship. As it hit the crew they all experienced visions of horrific monsters. Most were able to shake them off but a few drew weapons and attacked the visions – Raef the warlock cast Darkness to fight them in the dark. Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured. Abraham the Inquisitor banged his head and was left to rest in a hammock. [GM: Carl lost his character sheet so played Raef the Warlock for this session]

On the other side of the veil, it seemed they had reached a slightly less chaotic area of space. A few larger asteroid/moons drifted by. One of them seemed to have trees and an ocean and seemed relatively free of impact craters. Despite Clayton’s suggestion that this moonlet must be being protected by something – they decided to investigate.

Due to misunderstanding of the scale, Clayton almost crashed into one of the giant redwoods – it was about half a mile high. They moored the ship next to a high branch and two groups clambered into the tree. The priest Magnus Hammerhand and the two orc rangers, Raq and Rudma and a few of the orc crewmen were sent to cut wood. Clayton, Gaston, Mulan and Raef wanted to climb down to the ground for a look around. The tree was so massive that they could easily walk down in cracks in the bark.

They had barely started down when Mooshoo (Mulan’s pseudo-dragon familiar) alerted them to a strange pale-green man climbing quickly towards them. He was gesturing at them, but any noise he made was covered by the sound of axes hacking at the tree above.
He teleported part of the way and suddenly they could hear him, his voice sounding directly in their minds – “Run, Run, they are after me – RUN”.


Despite his obvious urgency, they tried to get him to calm down and explain what was happening. He jumped about 30 feet, seeming to slow-fall at the end – like some sort of Jedi! “I am Zerth Symron and THEY are chasing me – RUN if you value your lives – get to your ship and GO”.
Behind him, three new figures shimmered into existence [GM: like from star=trek transporters].


They were led by a Knight in glimmering silver armour and with a huge silver greatsword. The two warriors accompanying him bore greatswords with wicked serrated blades. They immediately set off in pursuit of Zerth Symron, apparently ignoring the presence of the others.


Mulan, Raef and Clayton acted on instinct to defend the hunted man. Crossbow bolts, Eldritch Blasts and Arrows thudded into the Knight, mostly glancing off his armour. Zerth’s telepathic voice sighed “Now you’ve got their attention! RUN there are more coming”. The three pursuers fired Eldritch blasts of their own and then leapt from branch to branch with ease.

Ignoring the call to run, Gaston stepped in to meet the pursuers, almost killing one of the warriors but then finding the Knight was much more dangerous than he looked. When he struck with the Silver Sword, it was as though a lot of additional force flowed through the blade.

Clayton called back to the ship wanting them to cast off and hover until they got there. Staines one of the human crewmen took the wheel (un-trained) and accidentally started to drift away from the branch.

Three more pursuers appeared and climbed up to engage the wood-cutting party and then three more. The fighting was intense, one of the warriors was killed but then Magnus was cut down, then the two rangers. They watched as the enemy warriors, bandaged their fallen comrades.

Gaston managed to knock the first Knight off the branch, he plunged down, vanishing through a globe of darkness cast by Raef.

Mulan managed the jump back to the ship, and then helped Clayton over too. Even with Clayton back at the controls, the ship still yawed wildy and could only bring one of the two ballista to bear. Jock managed to kill another of the Warriors but then the two Knights by the fallen woodcutting party shimmered out of existence and took their captives with them! Magnus Hammerhand and the two Orc Rangers – Raq and Rudma, along with a couple of the red orc crewmen, were gone.

[GM: to be honest this was my intention for the encounter as I did not want these ex-player characters “cluttering-up” the ship. Clayton gets Inspiration for not willingly leaving them behind as it is one of his character traits – he could have flown away. That still leaves Jock the Ranger/Warlock and Raef the Warlock as part of the crew and I’ll want to get rid of them too. If any of the players return, I’ll try to find a way to get their characters back that doesn’t stretch the “fictional reality” too far].

Unfortunately for Gaston, the Knight he had pushed off the branch, suddenly rose back up through Raef’s globe of darkness. He had a Telekinesis power and used it to stop his fall and carry himself back into the fight. Gaston was struck down but only after almost killing the Knight – then Mulan leapt back across and cast sleep, but only managed to knock out the remaining Warrior. Raef leapt into the Darkness – then one of the secondary Knights emerged from the darkness, just as the groggy one was about to Plane Shift away with Gaston. The secondary knight said “I’ve got him, you go now!” and the first Knight plane Shifted away with his sleeping warrior.

Mulan shot the remaining “Knight”, before his disguise spell shifted to reveal that it was Raef who had saved Gaston by trickery. [Worthy of inspiration].

They all got back onto the ship, agreed to let their new guest finish his sleep/trance undisturbed. They finished gathering wood and also gathered a huge seed from inside a pine cone as big as a house.

They experimented with their barrel of black powder and Gaston managed to remember how much was in the cannon when they came on-board. They had one experimental shot – blowing a hole in the great tree, then were underway again.

They got Abraham to attune to the Ship, which de-attuned Clayton from it [GM: so now Abraham has advantage on piloting rolls – which use either the Arcana skill or proficiency with ships).

When Zerth Symron (a Githzerai “High Monk”) finally awoke (after an 8-hour sleep) he thanked them for their aid and explained something about his situation. He had not intended them to get involved, but had needed to start his rest immediately and be undisturbed as his Plane Shift ability needed the same amount of rest as the Plane Shift ability of the Githyanki Knights. They would have returned to the Githyanki Citadel, where the Lich Queen ruled. They would get healed and would rest and then would be in pursuit of Symron as soon as they were able. The three Knights they had met were psychically-linked to the Collar worn by Symron and could follow him wherever he went. They were pursuing him in the hopes he would Plane Shift home to the Monastery of the High Monks, but Symron had learned what they intended before they tortured him in their Mind Machine. He had used his own strange mind powers to forget where the Monastery was.

He intended to Planeshift away from the ship immediately to some other dangerous location in the Sea of Chaos, in the hopes he could get the three Knights killed by monsters. He hopes that the crew have not drawn the attention of the Githyanki and that they will not be pursued once he has gone.

When they mentioned their ship’s Quest to seek out the God – Torkas, and the strange nature of the ship (how it had a magical Chart and Compass and how it did not drain the magic of the Helmsman, Symron was amazed. This ship is incredibly valuable – unique among the stars! They should try to keep the nature of the ship a secret or other star-faring races will want to take it from them. All other ships helms are either Spell Jammers (which drain the magic of the Helmsman completely) or Life Jammers (which drain the soul of a sacrifice).

If the Githyanki put their captured crewmen into the Mind Machine (or break them by torture) and learn about the ship, they will come after it!

They then agree to Symron staying aboard and will try to ambush the Githyanki when they arrive. The magic of the collar around Symron’s neck allows the three attuned Knights (each with two warriors) to Plane Shift into the area – using the Lich Queen’s magic, not their own, so they have one Plane Shift each remaining and each Knight can use it once, transporting themselves and 8 others. They need an 8-hour rest to use their own Plane shift again. They can go anywhere in the Sea of Chaos that they know (or use it to reappear in the area of the collar).

The Githzerai and the Githyanki are actually natives to the Sea of Chaos (although they live in distant areas of it that are more tamed than this wild region). To the crew, Symron and the Knights look like the same race, but Symron is very insistent that they are utterly different.

The Githyanki are inter-stellar raiders/slavers who use their psychic powers to enhance their weapon strikes. They serve the Githyanki Lich Queen.

The Githzerai are a democratic and peaceful people, ruled by an elected council of the High Monks. They live lives of quiet study and meditation (but obviously this includes martial arts training and they use their psychic powers to enhance their unarmed blows and acrobatic abilities).

[GM: I’ve also given both races an Eldritch Blast cantrip (rationalised as psychic bolts) so they aren’t helpless at Ranged combat]

Symron’s only chance to avoid capture is the death of all three of the attuned Knights, or to travel to the Lich Queen’s palace (in the floating heart of a dead god) and destroy the collar’s control platform.

Spell Jammer 01 - The Final Frontier
The Black Beyond the Blue

[GM: Next time we are back to WEDNESDAY on 25th October. We were missing a lot of players this week, but went ahead with the Journey Into Space]

First, something important that I missed from the previous write-up…

When the Death Knight (Lord Stagmork) leapt onto the edge of the deck, he emitted a Destructive Wave of energy that knocked most of the crew off their feet. It was clear that he was a formidable opponent.

Clayton the ranger came up with a way to use his new clerical cantrip (the lighting version of Thorn Whip). The spell can only pull victims towards you, not push them, so Clayton slashed one of the rigging lines and ran across the deck, propelling himself out beyond the side of the ship. Swinging from the line, he cast his spell, struck the Death Knight and yanked him out over the side.


He had a ring of Feather falling, so he wasn’t killed by the fall, but he fell slowly, just too far out to reach the netting and pull himself back aboard.

Now to what happened at East Port…

They were forgiven their misdeeds – the whole Fog Cloud thing; the stealing of the Horn of Torkas and even the alliance with devil-worshipping red Orcs (in the view of the citizens).
However, if it was widely known that Clayton was now a priest of Torkas, the Inquisition would hunt him down and execute him for heresy. [GM: they would execute Abraham too for allowing this blasphemy to occur!]

It is widely suspected that some old sailors (and pirates and smugglers) make secret sacrifices to Torkas to pray they survive storms, but it is considered Black Magic by the Inquisition.

As well as the four red Orc Heroes (Magnus Hammerhand, Raef the Warlock, Captain Rakk the Arcane Warrior and Rudma the Ranger/Corsair) there are 12 red Orc crewmen. The City supplied them with a Carpenter, a Smith and four other human crewmen – all willing to undertake this apparent suicide mission in the hopes they would manage to return with the Ship, freed from its pre-programmed flight path, so they could use it to win the war against the White Orcs.

They got in touch with Gaston’s “friendly” Alchemist – he seemed to be doing very well with the sales of his magically-boosted mushrooms. He had some information about how Black Powder was made – it seems this is a material known about in distant Kara Tur, many thousands of miles to the south, where they can make fireworks with it. He has some books that discuss it. Clayton agrees to buy the books in exchange for a tour of the ship and some money. The Alchemist uses spells of detect magic and identify on the Chart and explains that they Auto-pilot will force them to spend most of their time following a pre-programmed destination, but with occasional days-free. They can steer a little and adjust speed a little even while on the pre-programmed course.

Clayton paid for an Inn to be made available for his crew on the last night, raising morale with that and with a stirring speech (with all the Torkas-worshipping parts delivered in Orc so the new crewmen weren’t upset – Abraham can absolve them of their sins later when they do realise they are on a heretical quest).

The Black Beyond the Blue…

As the ship rose through layers of clouds into the blue skies above East Port, they hit the big button in the Chart Room, the prow swung around and they accelerated rapidly, passing through the blue in the blackness of space where the stars gleamed brighter than ever seen before. The Chart began to fill-in with them at the centre of a small circle. As they flew on the line grew on the Chart so they could tell it would take about 4 or 5 days to reach the edge of the circle (representing the Crystal, multi-faceted sphere that encloses the whole solar system of Jade).

Captain Rakk worked his crew to practice various maneuvers with the Sails. They could increase the ship’s acceleration and steering. However, without the Arcana skill, Rakk found it difficult to control the ship. Davidian had been their most skilled Arcanist, but he had not wanted to leave Jade so had stayed behind.

Clayton, though he had no Arcana skill either, found that he had a reasonable feel for the Ship (because he was the one attuned to the Horn when it was placed aboard – he gets Advantage on Helmsman rolls).

When they reached one of the billions of hexagonal facets of the sphere, they realised it was dark smoky glass but semi-transparent and a storm seemed to be raging behind it. Just before they crashed into the glass, it shimmered and the storm raged about them, slashing across the deck as sleet with lightning flashing and great gusts of wind that drove the land-lubbers below decks (except for Clayton – lashed to the Helm and Mulan, strapped to the Crow’s nest).

They steered dangerously through a net made from cables of fire some 20 feet thick. Streamers of fire lashed at the crew as they went through, but nothing that couldn’t be healed.

The next day they went through an ordeal of wind, cold, fire and lightning but on the second day found themselves in an area of comparative calm passing between great columns of rock, shrouded in mist. Huge boulders of coral flew across the gap, smashing with explosive force on the great columns and rebounding back across. Clayton (on the Helm) with the help of Captain Rakk and the crew (trimming the sails) managed to steer between the debris. A few times they passed close enough that anemone-like plants that lived in the coral managed to latch on and the weight of the boulders slowed down the ship.

Raef and Jock manned the Ballistas and managed to blow the coral boulders apart.

Over the din of all the smashing rocks, Mulan called out that another vessel was pulling towards them from behind a curve in the rocks. The approaching ship was clearly little more than a wreck with shattered timbers and trailing pieces. The main shape was a huge iron Nautilus, but there were holes ripped in the metal.


Mulan’s familiar – Mooshoo – could just make out, through the holes, that a swarm of small white beholders, trailing strands like jelly-fish, were pouring past the hole towards the centre of the shell, where a brass tube (a cannon) jutted out.
They were forced to tack back and forth to avoid the coral boulders and the oncoming ship, as it drew close enough, it fired a torpedo towards them. Raef managed to hit it with a ballista and it shattered revealing its cargo of a dozen of these flying jelly-fish with eye-stalks. Beholder Spawn!


A few of them survived the impact and began slowly flying towards the ship. Clayton was forced to ram through them and only one managed to get aboard. Mulan shot it before it could do much damage, but it seemed to have eye-rays and poisoned tentacles. The enemy ship fired a couple more times but thanks to all the missile fire, only a couple got aboard. Clayton let Rakk take over as he fired his bow at the approaching swarms. They seemed to have orders to take out whoever was manning the wheel. They went after Rakk one hit him with a telekinetic push that flung him off the ship. Mulan managed to Featherfall him and he drifted slow enough to grab on to the rigging.

The approaching Nautilus gathered a few coral attachments but kept coming. They cleverly decided to shoot the coral boulders and the wreck accidentally lurched forwards and smashed itself to smithereens on the side. From the splinters, a Death Tyrant (undead beholder) drifted out and gave chase.


They could easily out-distance it and flew circles around it, shooting it until it eventually shattered.
They searched the wreckage and managed to recover an intact barrel of black powder (about 6 shots) and also a mysterious object of blue metal about 15 feet long, shaped like a golf tee, with a 5 foot diameter.

Through some experimenting, they discovered it was the Helm of the wrecked ship. By touching it and casting a spell, Clayton managed to bond with it and it glowed blue and floated upright. He could sit (uncomfortably) in the bowl at the top and fly it around. It was clearly a spike meant to be stabbed into a ship to provide the propulsion. Bonding with it instantly drained all spell slots (including the ability to cast Cantrips) requiring 1 hour before cantrip ability came back and a full eight hours before spell-casting slots returned (at which time the Helmsman would need to touch it and cast a spell to re-attune). As soon as Clayton broke contact with it, his attunement was broken and it fell back to the deck and he would need to wait for his spell slots to recover before he could re-attune.

[GM: Next time we are back to WEDNESDAY on 25th October].

Shar Gazoth 16 - The "Hammer of Torkas"
The only way is Up

*REMINDER Next time we are playing on THURSDAY 12th October instead of the usual Wednesday.
[GM: As the three new players didn’t turn up for the last session, I decided they would bravely defend the Gate through the city wall while our heroes got to the Great Ship. Next session we will be splitting into two groups with two GMs as the group has become too large (assuming the new guys turn up).]

Three of the red orcs (Magnus Hammerhand the priest of the Storm God, Raef the warlock and Rudma the ranger), volunteered to stay and hold off the white orc reinforcements while Rakk led the rest of the party to the Shipyard.

This was a huge, delapidated warehouse with no roof. The huge ship rested on a wheeled cradle on iron rails. However, the rails had been recently peeled-up (unknown to Magnus!). Since the Horn of Torkas had been lost for centuries and the Ship was useless without it, it had gradually become forgotten. A few years earlier the White Orcs had even begun to strip it of useful metal. It seems they had recently taken the rails too.

They had no choice but to try and fly the ship out.


Clayton handed the Horn to Rakk who dashed to the chart room, slid open the wall and tried to add the Horn alongside the images of the other two. His heart fell and he began to fill with rage that the human had tricked him. Clayton took it back and tried himself, this time it shimmered and became an image and the ship began to vibrate and glow blue from the keel and the mast. The blue shimmer passed through Clayton with a tingle too.
[GM: Perhaps it worked for him because Clayton was attuned to it ? Perhaps because he is now a priest of Torkas?]

Next to the Chart was a big glass bowl painted like a bloody-eye (a button) that began slowly filling with black liquid. The Lich had explained this was a timer for when the auto-pilot would kick-in, taking them directly to space, heading for the Portal out of this solar system. They could press it early, as long as there was open sky above them but otherwise would have maybe a week of free flight before the Voyage “to find god” would begin.

Despite having no particular skills with flying ships, Rakk raced to the Wheel to take control. They had all been briefed by Magnus and by the Lich on how to steer the thing. A simple throttle and a Wheel that turned and also tilted forward and back – how hard could it be ? Rakk had steered sailing ships before so hoped it would be similar.

Magnus had arranged for a crew of red orc sailors to meet them at the ship and Rakk shouted orders to them to cast off and try to rig the sails. All were Torkas-faithful orcs with a grudge against the white orc usurpers of the city. The Great Ship was a religious quest to them. Sadly the sails were tattered and motheaten, many of the ropes, lines, sheets and other nautical bits and pieces were also in a bad way so the crew could do little to help with steering or speed.

Mulan scrambled lithely to the crows nest and shouted that she could see the three Wyverns launching from the citadel and heading this way – one of them was carrying a rider – Lord Stagmork – the anti-paladin Death Knight – first servant of Lillith the Winter Queen.
Rakk pulled back on the wheel gently and nothing seemed to happen, a bit more and the ship tilted violently, smashing its heel into the ground with rending timbers. He pushed forward to correct but the sluggishness of the controls fooled him and he crashed the nose into the ground and had to slowly straighten-up. [GM: there is some sort of mystical connection with the ship through the controls and it requires Arcana checks to “feel” it – so Rakk was struggling]

He managed to get the ship to move forward and ever so slightly, tilted up. It began to edge forward and up, almost (but not quite) clearing the side wall of the warehouse. The stone walls were dry and crumbled on contact, but tore away more timbers from the hull. This ship wouldn’t float on water without serious repair work.

Magnus and the others ran through the rubble, seizing dangling ropes and being pulled after the ship.

Clayton and Jock headed for the “Eye” chambers where there were large ballistas (giant crossbows) with swivel seats. A couple of orcs followed them in to each cabin and worked the loading and swivelling mechanisms. Clayton’s first shot struck the nearest wyvern, not enough to kill it, but it was knocked from the sky, tail-spinning to the ground where it shook itself and launched again.

Jock couldn’t get far enough around to get a shot.

Abraham and Gaston found their way to the “forward weapon” a huge brass tube, clearly some sort of cannon intended to hurl iron balls. They had never seen one before but had been told by the Lich that the ancient scriptures of the Storm God had spoken of “black powder” which would ignite and propel the iron balls with great speed. Looking down the tube, they could see it contained a soggy black slush. The tube was long enough so they heaved-in three iron balls from a cupboard nearby one after the other and stood ready to light the fuse at the base of the tube.

They needed to fire the cannon into the great shaft overhead to try and destroy the whirling blades of the fan that was blocking them in. Unfortunately, they lit the fuse but it fizzled out and they had to run back on deck to explain the problem to Rakk.

Davidian, Abraham and Gaston then stood either side of the Wheel to defend the helmsman, but didn’t realise how much he was struggling for control.

Mulan shot one of the Wyverns and then crouched in hiding in the crows nest, but it struck blindly where she had been and the massive tail spike struck her by fluke, flooding her with poison.

She almost died from it but leapt onto the creature’s neck and managed to dodge a couple more swipes, even managing to get it to stab itself (and poison itself!). Jock and Clayton ran on deck and put a few arrows into it and Davidian hit it with magic missiles. As it came lower to attack with claws and bite, Gaston finished it off with his axe.

Abraham managed to hit the third wyvern (the one carrying Lord Stagmork) with a confusion spell, keeping him out of the fight for a few more precious seconds, but the Death Knight cast some kind of spell causing his dark eyes to glitter. Beneath his steel helmet, Gaston’s eyes glittered too!

Davidian decided to step in and take over the helm from Rakk allowing him to go below and examine the cannon, but as he moved away from Gaston, the great axe hacked him down, then Gaston moved to Abraham and tried to kill him too, knocking him backwards off the ship. By now the ship was spinning (but to those on board it seemed to stay stable and the world span around it. [GM: the ship generates its own gravity field so seems to remain stable – the spinning of the scenery was enough to make most new travellers nauseated]
The red-orc crew were scattered by the huge wyverns and struggled to pull up their fellow red orcs on the ropes and netting.

Fortunately, Abraham had tumbled into the netting over the side and soon scrambled back up. The mental compulsion from the Death Knight was too strong for Gaston and as Abraham healed the fallen Davidian and the half-elf struggled to regain control and point the ship at the shaft, the dominated warrior hacked him down again, sending the ship into an even wilder spin.
Again, Abraham healed the half-elf and again he was hacked down, until finally Gaston snapped out of it.

The Death Knight got his mount under control and swooped closer.

At the Cannon, Rakk waited for the wild spinning of the ship to bring the shaft into line and he cast a chromatic orb of fire into the barrel, igniting the damp powder and causing a massive explosion.

Three iron balls was far too much weight and the brass cannon smashed backwards with the recoil, destroying the room (fortunately Rakk had not been standing at the back where you would usually light the fuse!) The explosion hurled the three balls far enough to clatter into the fan blades, smashing the machinery and causing it to tear itself loose and fall into the city below.

As Davidian gasped back into life again, the ship lined-up with the shaft and he pushed the throttle forward hard. The ship leapt up, heading for the moonlit night sky at the top of the shaft and leaving the wyverns and the Death Knight far below.

They made it out of the top of the volcano and set course for East Port to get supplies and repairs before the ship began its voyage “to find god”!

They had some time to get familiar with steering but it only took a day to fly back to East Port (it had been a few weeks of hiking, even with the teleportation through the Tanglewood).
At East Port they were in some trouble with the Inquisition and the Earl of East Port as they had stolen the Horn of Torkas (and also blown the horn causing a two-hour fog cloud, 2 miles across)! Somehow they managed to explain all this away as having been necessary to prevent the White Orcs from getting their magic mirror portal working and also as the only way to “defeat” the Lich.

The City agreed to repair and supply the ship – even providing some more crew – in the hopes that after the ship’s pre-programmed Voyage, they would be able to return and use the Ship to make war on the White Orcs.

*REMINDER Next time we are playing on THURSDAY 12th October instead of the usual Wednesday.

Shar Gazoth - 15 To the Shipyard

[GM: Three new players appeared unexpectedly – so we spent time building and introducing new characters. I decided to have them play the Red Orc allies, led by Magnus Hammerhand (and dropped the plan to have Hammerhand try to seize control of the Ship and kill the player characters!)]

When nightfall came, the Lich’s teleport spell brought them all back to the Tomb, burned and battered from the battle in the Gate of Norimass. Even Davidian returned from his solo mission to try and gain control of the Helmed Horrors at the bridge. It had not gone well for the half-elf priest. He had sent a fire elemental to fight the guardians of the bridge while he struggled with the control phrases. But there were too many orcs and wolves and his every command to the Horrors was countermanded by the “Favoured of Lillith” (another of the albino priestesses, similar to their enemy Skeksis). When the spell pulled him back, he arrived unconscious and naked and bound with manacles that Mulan quickly unlocked.

They rested an hour and recovered as best they could. Mulan slipped out into the night to await the red orcs and used her familiar, Mooshoo, to communicate with the others, when the small procession of robed figures approached.

As they opened the Tomb door, the two parties faced each other and did quick introductions.

[GM: Apologies if I get some names wrong]

Magnus Hammerhand was the red orc priest they had parlayed with a few hours before. He had spent the day gathering a few loyal followers who should be able to crew the ship. Some of those would meet them at the Ship. He hated the White Orcs who now ruled the city. His people were far less numerous, and a century ago the alliance had seemed like a good deal – but now the White Orcs and their hated leader – Lord Stagmork, were openly contemptuous of the Red Orcs and their religion. Hammerhand wants to fly the Great Ship and reach the stars in search of his god – Torkas, Lord of Storms.

Rakk, a burly warrior, always in trouble with the white orcs, seemingly unable to compromise. He could have been a captain of his own ship if he hadn’t argued so much – and if Lord Stagmork had not diverted all work on ships into equipment for his armies.

Raef, a warlock, shrouded in shadow. Like the others, he had been an officer on the Tempest, one of the iron ships lost to the war against the dragon cult a few years ago. He was unpopular with the “Favoured of Lillith” (worshippers of the Winter Queen) because of his strong faith in the Lord of Storms and some incident where he cast darkness on a group of enemies and friends alike. He could see through the darkness but the priestesses couldn’t. While he won the battle, the two priestesses caught in the spell were badly wounded.

The ranger, Anon [GM: no name on the character sheet!] was the last of the group. A scimitar-wielding warrior – another whose faith in the Lord of Storms made him unpopular with the White Orcs.

The red orcs had brought priestly robes to disguise the humans for the journey (approximately a 30 minute trek) across the night time city and through gates in two of the city walls. Davidian the half-elf and Mulan were too lightly-built to pass for orcs and Gaston and Abraham were in heavy plate mail so would not pass as priests. The red-orc warlock made the four of them invisible. They robed-up the rest of the group and the red orc ranger cast Pass without Trace to help with any sneaking and to shroud the humans’ faces, and slowly made their way out of the tomb, across the graveyard and through the small temple built-into the city wall.

The city was cut from ancient rock, had wide streets and was well-lit by gas lamposts. Despite the huge number of white orcs living here now, at night-time the streets were almost deserted.

When Shar Gazoth was first built there had been many thousands of red-orcs, but over the generations their numbers had shrunk. A hundred years earlier their Captains Council had agreed to accept a truce with the White Orcs and allowed them to use the Citadel as a base for their military conquest of Ustergard. More recently the Death Knight, Lord Stagmork (first servant of the winter goddess – Lillith) had assumed overall command,

The intruders had started to re-populate the city, re-purposed many of the Storm God’s ancient temples. For the red-orcs, things had slowly got worse and worse.

The events of the previous night – the loss of the Magical Mirror and the white orc’s plans to use it to make war on the nearby Kingdom, had made relations between White and Red even more difficult.

The Great Ship was in the Industrial Quarter – among the forges and warehouses and smelting works that belch out thick smoke all day. They had to cross the open centre of the cavern, skirting a huge shaft of lava. One of Lord Stagmork’s three wyverns flew out on patrol overhead, swooping low to examine the troop of robed figures. Fortunately, it did not penetrate their disguise and flew on. The wyvern patrols had been more frequent today – perhaps in case any of the humans were still in the city.

At the 25-foot-high wall on the other side, they arrived at a Gate Post where two Ogres and two white orcs lounged about on guard. The massive portcullis was down and Magnus told them the winch was inside the towers. He tried to bluff his way past the guards.
“Open the gate, we have to get through”.
But the white-orc in command was openly belligerent and scornful.
[GM: the red-orc rolled a 1 on his persuasion check!].
The guard began to prod Magnus and shout at him “You’ll get through when I say you get through and not before”.
Enraged by this disrespect for the priest, Rakk tried to intimidate the guard, stepping up close. The guard punched him and spat, Rakk drew his blade and then all hell broke loose.

Mulan suddenly appeared and crossbowed an orc, Clayton dodged into the shadows and fired his bow too. The other two invisible heroes (Gaston and Abraham) appeared and joined the fight. Then the two Ogres smashed into them and the remaining guard sounded his hunting horn to summon reinforcements. Davidian cast Blindness on the two Ogres and soon they were hacked down too.

The red orc ranger leapt in close, whirling his scimitar to attack multiple foes and
Magnus smashed into the orc captain with both hammers and he went down.

Raef teleported to the top of the guard tower, flung open the trapdoor and saw two more white orcs leaping to their feet and drawing weapons. He cast darkness on them and swarmed sown the ladder to attack them – he could see in the darkness because of his Devil’s Sight.

The guard who rasied the alarm tried to flee but Mulan stepped out of the shadows and gutted him.

[GM: we ran out of time so will re-start from there next time. The horn will have summoned reinforcements who will arrive in about 5 rounds from a nearby barracks in the Industrial area. More orcs, possibly ogres and possibly dire wolves – maybe even one of the albino orc priestesses. The heroes have to get past the massive portcullis – or clamber over the wall. It’s only a hundred yards or so further to the Shipyard.]

Shar Gazoth - 14 - Side Trip to Trouble
Fire-starter, twisted fire-starter

Our heroes rested in the safety of the Lich’s tomb (not a sentence you get to use very often).

The Lich had left Jock with disturbing visions and whispered promises of power that left the Kaledonian with troubled dreams. [GM: Holly decided to accept 4 levels of Warlock, leaving Jock as Ranger 5 / Warlock 4]. The Lich, Arghul Norimass was expecting to “ASCEND” to the next level of existence once his purpose was completed (the launching of the Great Ship), so he will become the Warlock Patron for Jock.

Clayton also had a hard day as the Lich gave him a crash course in the religion of Torkas, Lord of Storms – via a mental transfer of training. [GM: Because of the way multi-classing works in 5E, as a Ranger 8 / Cleric 1, Clayton now uses the number of spell slots from the multi-classing table, but can only prepare the number of spells as usual, and can only cast Cantrips and First-level Cleric spells, but can cast up to 2nd level Ranger spells. He gets the slots as though he was a 5th-level caster (half Ranger level and full cleric level)]

After eight hours, Davidian made an unexpected suggestion! “Norimass has a Teleportation Circle at the Gate of Norimass, his family home…" This was the Fort, embedded in the wall between the mushroom forests and the Great Stair. About five days earlier, they had fought their way past a few gargoyles and a small force of orcs. The place had been mostly abandonded as its commander – the Albino Orc priestess, Skeksis, had the rest of her troops out searching for the heroes and she was currently guarding a bridge a mile from the fort. Davidian believed he could “…take control of a pair of Helmed Horrors who were stationed by the bridge – he remembered the words used to command them when Skeksis had assumed control”.

[GM: this was a total surprise to me, but fortunately I still had the map of the Fort and the stats of the full garrison (in case the party had been captured in the mushroom forest, I had noted the typical occupants). As the player of Gaston was missing, I decided Norimass would keep him at the tomb – the fictional reason was because Gaston would probably run off looking for the Keepers who were close to that area]

The Fort itself is a wooden four-storey structure inside a sort of brick curtain wall that barricades the entire section of cavern wall and protects the only passage through to the Great Stair. It contains living quarters and stores and offices for up to 40 troops.

They teleported into the Fort about 3 hours before sunset – the time they had agreed to meet the Red Orc priest at the Tomb door in order to go to the Great Ship. Norimass’ Teleport Spell would “rubber-band” them back to the Tomb at sunset whether they had succeeded or not. He insisted that the Horn of Torkas remain with him – if they all die, he can still give it to the Red Priest and the ship can still be launched.

They had a pretty good plan – Davidian would use a Wall of Fire to block off some of the Fort and they would race through and then run for the bridge where he would take control of the Helmed Horrors while the others fought off whatever other guardians were there.

Unfortunately, the blaze got a bit out of hand and there were a couple of Hill Giants at the fort as well as a dozen or so white orcs, a couple of dire wolves and Skeksis herself!

They got delayed by the enemy and the fire began to spread through the wooden building [GM: Randomly growing 1 or 2 squares in each direction each round] until it cut off their way through.

Only Davidian had pushed forward enough to get out the far side, the burning building cut-off the rest of the group and they had to retreat, back the other way, to the Great Stair. The building collapsed behind them, blocking the gate completely.

Davidian decided to press on alone for the bridge, relying on either his own Teleportation Circle spell to get him back to the tomb, or the “rubber-band” effect of the Lich’s spell.

[GM: we ran out of time and I didn’t want to run a complex encounter for just one player, so I offered a “Saving Throw” to decide if he had been successful or perished in the attempt. Or he could just wait for the “rubber-band” teleport to take him safely back. This was pretty drastic but it was a free choice.
I had decided the Bridge was pretty well guarded and had another priestess controlling the Helmed Horrors as well as a Winter wolf and six orc warriors at either side of the bridge with 2 Dire wolves at each end. It was designed as a reasonable (not deadly) encounter for the whole party but I figured it was potential suicide for a single character.

I made the target DC 15 for an INT save and allowed Davidian advantage (for role-playing his determination to get control of these magical beings – as he had been looking for a way to do it for a few sessions – this also simulated his chance to prepare and his range of spells).

Sadly, he failed, despite the Advantage, and so I declared Davidian DEAD]

The rest of the party stayed in the Great Stair for a couple of hours and were then teleported back to Norimass at sunset.

[GM: Looking back at that “Succeed or Die” thing, it occurred to me that, due to the time constraints, I didn’t think to include a middle option, it should really have been Succeed or Fail or Die. As the roll only just failed, I’m happy to transmute the result to a FAIL. Davidian was knocked out and captured by the orcs who were waiting for him to wake up so they could begin torturing him when the “rubber-band” teleported him back to the Tomb.]

The Red Priest is already knocking on the Tomb door, eager to lead them across the city (in disguise) to the ship yard. This side-trek has left them all injured and used up precious spells, so they are not quite as well-prepared for the Launch as they had hoped.

They suspect the Red Priest, Magnus Hammerhand, wants to seize control of the ship. He will have brought a bunch of loyal red orcs to act as crew.

They also expect the three Wyverns and Lord Stagmork (the Death Knight, Tyrant lord of Shar Gazoth and first servant of Lillith) will try to stop them from escaping with the ship.

Shar Gazoth 13 - Mirror Mirror

[GM: Sadly 3 of the players couldn’t make it, but we decided to go ahead without them anyway. Holly, Frank & Carl – sorry that you missed the finale but the adventure can continue out the other side. We could take a break from these characters, or from D&D, or re-arrange the groups. I’ll turn up ready to run the next part of the adventure (Launching the Hammer of Torkas into space), but don’t mind if we do something different for a while if you all prefer]

The thunderclap from the trapped corridor struck Clayton and alerted the occupants of the “Dome”. It MAY or maynot have been audible outside the Dome. Fortunately there didn’t seem to be many guardians inside the Dome – only two barrack rooms – one beyond the door on the left the Lightning glyph had been and the other to the right.

From the Lightning door, they heard the scrape of furniture, swish of drawn blades and confused mutterings in Orcish. When the door opened a group of 10 groggy, naked red orcs (hob-goblins) rushed through, followed by a red orc priest of Torkas – hurriedly pulling on a robe.

Clayton immediately tried to speak with them, showing his holy symbol of Torkas, waving Norrimass’ letter of introduction and claiming to have important news about the Hammer of Torkas (the Great Star Ship).

They seemed partly convinced but there was a short exchange of crossbow bolts and Spirit Guardians, and a few of the guards died before they convinced the red priest to parley.

Meanwhile “Jock” (possessed by the Lich, Norrimas) triggered a glyph of cold, broke open the other door with a Knock spell and gleefully slaughtered the dozen white orcs within, including two Favoured of Lillith and one winter wolf. He used a more powerful Spirit Guardians spell and his life-drinking black scimitar to restore his own health.

The red priest – Magnus Hammerhand – agreed to help them when he read Norimas’ letter, spoke to Norimas himself and understood they were going to retrieve the third Horn. Clayton said they would fetch the horn and meet the red priest at sun-set at the tomb of the Lich so they could escort it to the ship. Hammerhand agreed but looked a bit sneaky – he probably intends to kill them to take the horn and the ship for himself.

Norrimas says the Ship can be steered clumsily with the wheel – as normal, but up and down are from moving the wheel forward and back – however, to get good speed and control, there are sails that catch the stellar winds so it ideally needs a trained crew. It needs a spellcaster to use the wheel – any spellcaster can do it regardless of magical prowess. [GM: Even a part-time spell-caster like a Ranger or Arcane Trickster should be able to do it]

There is concern that the thunderclap may have been heard outside the Dome, so Mulan rushes back down to un-jam the door lock and the now-friendly red orc priest, Hammerhand, tries to explain to a bunch of ogres that the explosion was caused by a careless guard. Mulan hides among the robes in the lower chamber listening. The robes belong to the Order of the Artificers who work in a chamber on the next floor up in the daylight hours – they are white hooded robes smeared with oils and burn marks and a symbol like a golden gear under a set of compasses.

The ogres are arguing with Hammerhand and seem to want to speak to one of the Favoured, so Mulan has to use Alter Self to impersonate one of the albino orc priestesses and gestures at them to go away. This prevents pursuit by 6 ogres and 10 more white orc guards.

They now have only the deadline of the “rubber-band” teleportation spell to worry about. It will take 1 hour for Davidian to attune the Portal Mirror and they have only an hour and a half left before sunrise, when the spell automatically returns them all to the Lich’s tomb.
Searching the dead Favoured, Davidian finds a keyring with three keys, 1 big, 1 medium and one small and intricate, topped with a tiny pyramid.

There are skeletons embedded in the walls in the two barrack rooms, who can be commanded to unlock and raise the portcullis. The command words are “Torkas” for the red orc’s side and “Lillith” for the white orcs. (Storm God and Winter Queen)

Under the portcullis, Davidian goes right and down to a store-room on his own while the others push on upstairs. The half-elf priest opens the store-room with the big key – which deactivates multiple mechanical traps. It is full of barrels, books, scrolls and scroll tubes, pens, ink. Also, three huge tapestries 16ft long by 6 ft wide, rolled into tubes. There are tattered and torn pieces of an ancient tapestry scattered about too. The walls are decorated with carved images of dice – d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20. It takes a while for him to spot it but the shape of the d4 is a pyramid, like the tiny key! Searching the carved image, he finds a tiny keyhole hidden in a shadow – it opens to reveal a small compartment with half a dozen potion flasks – all labelled in orcish. Later Clayton is able to read these and identify the potions.

Meanwhile the others went upstairs to the Hall of the Artificers – a large open-plan workshop/laboratory. The corridor goes past the wide entrance and around a corner to a huge disk of stone that looks like it would roll away into the wall if they knew how to unlock it.

The workshop contains several benches, a furnace (just lowing embers), gas lights, tools etc. Hidden around a corner is a sort of puzzle/combination lock that operates the Rolling Door. It appears to be trapped with magical summoning spell if the wrong choices are made, but Mulan works it out quickly as “Lord of Storms” and the door rolls open. There is another puzzle panel to lock it from the other side.

Before they left the chamber, they find a set of Jeweller’s eye-pieces [GM: Advantage on Investigation and Lock-picking, but disadvantage on anything else that distorted vision would hinder – continues for 3 rds after using the eye pieces]. Also, a set of +1 thieves’ tools.
In another corner, is a store of stasis-bound monsters – in for repairs! A Helmed Horror, a Shield Guardian (linked to an amulet in a vice on one of the benches, but the amulet has a hairline crack so Davidian chickens out of trying it), an Ogre-sized Flesh Golem with a half-un-stitched left arm and finally an Iron Golem. Davidian works out how to un-stasis any of these creatures but they decide not to risk it.

[GM: he could have taken control of the Shield Guardian – each time it absorbs some of your damage roll d20 and on a 1 it turns against its master – the others would all have attacked anyone not wearing one of the white robes from downstairs!]

They ascend the stairs past the rolling stone door to the Hall of Mirrors and lock it behind them. Mulan again manages to solve the puzzle panel very quickly.

The final chamber has stairs leading up into it. They don’t want to ascend for fear of being exposed to the mirror or mirrors – they think there is still a mirror of opposition here.

Clayton went back down to the Storeroom to examine the three tapestries and they are clearly for covering mirrors – one has a picture of the Portal opened to reveal a bunch of helpless humans dancing around a maypole. One shows a black and white figure – clearly mirror reflections of each other, standing on a reflected tiled floor. The last shows some sort of swirly colourful pattern.

Gaston still wears Mulan’s amulet of non-detection – that saved her, then him from being duplicated by the other mirror of opposition they discovered in the cellars of the Library, back in Eastport. He won’t be duplicated, so he goes up the steps on his own. Sadly, the swirly mirror leaves him standing transfixed. While the other look on in horror, some invisible monster slashes at him – despite a couple of terrible wounds he continues to just stand there.

It is an invisible Death Slaad, very tough, even without having Greater Invisibility. Its eyes have been gouged out, but it has blindsight. So, it can see the heroes but cannot be duplicated and cannot see the swirly pattern.

They fight the thing but take a lot of damage as it has a fire breath area attack and they have to stay grouped into a small area to remain out of sight of the mirrors.

Eventually Abraham drags Gaston back down the steps so he is freed from the paralysis. Clayton manages to track the thing as it has stepped in Gaston’s blood and finally they hack it down. Clayton takes its longsword [GM: a +1 weapon and 3 times a day it can do 2d6 additional cold damage].

There is a comical interlude as they almost run out of time…

Gaston turns his helmet backwards so he can’t see the swirly-swirly and Davidian decides to guide him by sending an Arcane Eye floating into the Chamber. The half-elf sees the swirly pattern through the Eye and becomes paralysed! Eventually, with his hat on backwards, Gaston carries a tapestry over to the swirly mirror and finds it is too high up to cover. He has to grope his way back so Mulan so she can cast Spiderclimb on him, then finally covers both the swirly mirror and the mirror of opposition. so the others can approach. All three mirrors are firmly bolted to the wall and seem impervious to harm.

The orcs have drawn a pentacle in front of the Portal Mirror and have a smaller portable mirror they are trying to attune to it. The pentacle helps Davidian attune more quickly and he activates the Portal with half an hour still to go before dawn. They pass through to Sapphire’s house in Eastport, where she has already prepared a mirror as the target. Her familiar monkey is waiting for them. As soon as they are all through (including the Lich in Jock’s body), the monkey pulls a lever and plates of adamantine lock into place around the mirror and are sealed by a magical spell. Sapphire’s mirror is now permanently encased the orc’s portal mirror is locked to it forever.

HURRAH!!! MISSION COMPLETED – the Portal Mirror is no longer a threat.

They have 30 mins before being teleported back to the Lich’s tomb – it is just time to race across to the Inquisition Temple in the Graveyard. Abraham is an Inquisitor and so easily gets them an audience with the Inquisitor Captain (his boss). The Captain is very pleased to hear that the renegade Inquisitor who joined the Keepers, has been killed and that two of the Keeper Helms have been lost in the bedrock.

They manage to get him to pass the Horn of Torkas around for them to “inspect” just as the sun reaches the horizon. They can see that “Jock” is prepared to slaughter the Captain (and probably all of them if they don’t get hold of the Horn). In an act of pure chaos, Clayton blows it, filling the room, the graveyard and the entire city with fog for an hour, just as the Lich’s spell draws them back to his tomb.

In the Tomb, “Jock” demands the Horn. Davidian forces Norrimas to release Jock before they hand it over. Jock shudders and slumps as the powerful presence releases him and then the Lich rises from its slab and gets the Horn.

Arghul Norrimass now has the missing Horn. He is willing to entrust Clayton with it, so that it can be brought to the Great Ship and placed with the other two – in a compartment behind a Chart on the ship. Then the Ship will rise and the Lich’s “purpose” will be complete. Its initial course has been pre-programmed – to follow the Storm God into the Stars. The ship should be carried out of the Industrial Sector on a train, to a long, sloping tunnel that it can fly up and out. As an alternative, if the Great Fan in the central Shaft could be destroyed, it could leave via that. It is likely that the three Wyverns will be sent to prevent them getting away with it – possibly with Lord Stagmork (the Death Knight, anti-paladin of Lillith riding one of them).

Clayton decides to accept some training from the Lich becoming an acolyte of the Storm God.

They agreed to complete the task for the Lich but have not been magically compelled to do so.

Mulan has also been asked by the Gnome Stilgar to reunite his small family of gnomes with the Gnome King. She has a Ruby that tugs her gently towards him – deep beneath the mountain. The third and final flower in her circlet still hasn’t been used.

[GM: All go up a level – to Level NINE]

Holly – decide if you want Jock to “remember” any of the powers of the Lich – he can lose any number of Ranger levels and replace them with Warlock levels – as Pact of the Blade, Fiendish Pact Warlock]

Cookie – Clayton will be a 1st-level Cleric with a few non-standard cantrips available to choose from (you don’t have to have these ones but the “Lightning Whip” is a spell most of the Torkas Priests use) – Druidcraft, Thorn Whip (acts as Lightning damage instead but still pulls the victim)
Priests of Torkas, the Lord of Storms, have the Tempest Domain but with a couple of minor changes to the Domain Spells.
Level One Spells Fog Cloud, Thunderwave & Arms of Hadar
Level Three Spells Gust of Wind, Shatter & Hunger of Hadar
Level Five Spells Call Lightning, Destructive Wave, Conjure Volley
Level Seven Spells secret only revealed when you get there
Level Nine Spells secret only revealed when you get there

Torkas is a god of Chaos, Strength, Courage, Freedom. The Kingdom of Gard (where you live) considers him one of the 5 Evil Gods and worship of him is illegal, but many from the Caledonian and Viking Islands worship him openly and many ship captains sacrifice to him secretly. It was his ship that brought the other Dark Gods into Jade, so he is “blamed” for much evil.

5 years earlier, Earl Ragnar (a player character) somehow enabled Torkas’ ship to leave Jade in exchange for passage into space. Jade is surrounded by a “Sea of Chaos” and Torkas could previously only enter the shallows of that sea and was always dragged back to Jade by the same magic that still imprisons the other Dark Gods.


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