Occupants of Greenest

Governor Nighthill – human, male 60 yrs – in charge of the town.

Castellan Escobert – dwarf, male, 300 yrs – runs the keep, second-in-command – very learned dwarf with a massive set of keys. Tells tale of his youth when he was a warrior but is too fat and too old now – but still keeps a set of ancient plate mail handy.

Linan Swift, human female, 30 yrs, married to Cuth – milk maid

Cuth Swift, human male, 32 yrs, married to Linan – farm labourer

Hansel and Gretel Swift – 5 yrs and 12 yrs

Brother Almanac – human, male 50 yrs – cleric (approx level 3)

Occupants of Greenest

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