The scribblings of Krancid Stenk – Renegade Red wizard of Thay

1. The Farseer of Illusk – Origins
This “steampunk” telescope is 20 feet long and 3 feet wide and wrapped in ornate brass, gold and crystal housings. It was created by a sect of drug-addled oracles a thousand years ago, led by the Illithid – Illusk.

Despite having been extensively cleaned and oiled in the last few months, it is fragile and many of the cogs are worn and cracked. It weighs about 400 lbs.

It can be used to Scry and cannot be stopped by normal magical protections such as “Mordenkainen’s Private Sanctum” or “Non-detection”. You put on the a metal mesh helmet attached by copper wire in order to control it.

It can also be used up close, to examine an individual’s fate (granting up to 3 re-rolls with advantage) within the next 3 days.

2. The Farseer of Illusk – possible uses
If this device fell into the hands of the Lich King of Thay he could use it to locate me, and other members of renegade sect of “Red Wizards” known as the Apostates. We are all under sentence of death from Ssass Tam, the Lich King. His servants scry for us every day and will instantly send a squad of demons to destroy us if found. We have recently allied with the Dragon Cult under our own leader “Rath Modar”.

3. The wizard’s recent activities for the cult
The half dozen Red Wizard exiles have been busy placing Post Mortem Contingencies onto various items of special significance to the Dragon Cult, sending them back to Severin, leader of the Cult of the Dragon.

Their leader, Rath Modar, intends to assist with the Summoning of Tiamat in order to earn her gratitude. He hopes to get her to help overthrow Balthazar and take command of the Dark Circle.

4. The Summoning of Tiamat
Tiamat is a “goddess”. She has been imprisoned in one of the Nine Hells. She recently revealed the secret of how to summon her out of Hell to the cultist Severin.

5. The Summoning of Tiamat – The Dragon Masks
There are five overlapping dragon masks, one for each of the chromatic colours.

Tiamat created them and gave them as gifts to her first servants. Since then they have appeared and disappeared throughout history.

Each Mask grants similar powers to its wearer (increased toughness and magical force and perception, dragon breath and resistance to dragon breath of that type) and even some powers to the one it is attuned to when they aren’t wearing it (bonuses to charisma with respect to that type of dragon).

The Dragon Masks can be linked together into a single Dragon Helm that will make the Ritual much easier/quicker – the more masks linked, the better.

6. The Summoning of Tiamat – Gold & Sacrifices
The more specially-minted dragon coins are present at the Ritual, the easier/quicker the it will be.

The gold must have been recently re-melted and cast – symbolising the victories of the Dragon Cult.

The coins are not magical, merely symbolic.

Due to the quantity required, these are the most easily tracked items and therefore great care has been taken to send them to secure locations from which they can be teleported close to the Sky Castle for shipment to the Ritual Site.

Large quantities of death and suffering are also required. The more the merrier.
Until recently the focus of the dragon cult raids has been only loot. Soon prisoners will be taken too.

7. The Summoning of Tiamat – The Draakhorn
An artefact created by Tiamat during the Dawn Age to summon and invigorate her dragons and worshippers. It was used during a war between the Dragons and Giants.

The giants created their own similar device to combat its effects – the Goliath Drums.

Both artefacts vanished from our ken millennia ago but information about the location of the horn was revealed to Severin by Tiamat and he organised for the books of Draconic Lore to be stolen from Candlekeep. A huge white dragon led the attack. Much of the temple was destroyed and the scrolls of Draconic Lore were taken.

8. The Sky Castle
A flying castle has been procured by Rezmir. It is owned by a Cloud Giant. Rezmir has made a deal with him, to use a Wish to resurrect the dead giant’s wife. What a waste of a wish! They have a genuine luckblade! With 2 wishes in it! Hopefully Rezmir will betray the giant as I can think of much better uses for such power. If it wasn’t in the black dragons’ lair, I might be tempted to secure it for myself.

11. “Ebon Death” lairs nearby.
Through the Farseer, I have learned his secret. He is one of a pair of twins. They have kept this secret for centuries. One of them is Rezmir’s father. They guard the luckblade until it is needed.


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