Dragons of Blackminster

HotDQ 11 - Spider Forest

Sherazad, the Arabian priestess, had been pounced on by giant spiders and carried off into the forest. Wazim – the Arabian Merchant Prince (also a Sorcerer and a Cultist) wanted volunteers to go after her.

The brave adventurers going after her were…Wazim, Restogar (the Elf Scout from wagon 2), Sir Vassily, Ragnar, Colman and the urchin, David.

The cultists all seem to believe that David is a senior member of the cult. Eventually Wazim lets slip that he thinks David is a disguised gnome. They have all been expecting a gnome to contact them and tell them where to take the treasure. It’s possible that the gnome is the surly “Sprocket” from the parrot wagon.

Our heroes are led by Restogar into the pitch black woods. The sharp-eyed elf is following spots of blood from Sherazad.
David explains to the cultists that Colman (the ninja) is a fellow cultist but that Ragnar and Vassily aren’t. Wazim tells him that Sherazad isn’t a cultist either but that his other guards – Omar and Ivani are, and all four of the guards from Wagon 2 and also the fire dragonborn (Ignator).
As the only other person with night vision, Restogar convinces Ragnar to climb up a tree into the shadowy canopy. As the plucky dwarf pushes through a layer of web, huge black shapes drop on him with vicious fangs. Three giant spiders!

A fight ensues and a huge Drider emerges (a giant spider body but with the upper body of an elf). David tries to use Beastspeech on the spiders but they are enraged and controlled by the drider. It turns out to be a spellcaster and is soon surrounded by spidery spirit guardians. Ragnar falls and is still being devoured by the millions of mystical spiders. The others struggle to break the monster’s concentration before it kills him. Wazim and Restogar are pretty competent warriors too but it is touch and go for a while. They manage to kill all the giant spiders and focus on the Drider.

Finally they hack it down, just in time to revive Ragnar. Then there is a general hunt for treasure and they find the drider’s lair and rescue Sherazad from a cocoon. They find some jewellery on other victims but Wazim, using Detect Magic, finds a magic sword (picked up by Vassily) and a spider amulet (which he takes for himself).

Later there is much debate (via David’s telepathic power) as to whether to ambush Wazim and Restogar on the way back to the camp. David and Ragnar mamage to convince the more blood-thirsty Paladin and Monk to chill out a bit.

Back at the wagons there is much rejoicing at the rescue and Lewel the gypsy elf woman helps Vassily understand his magic sword – it has the power to hold two spells (one of up to 4th level and one of up to 2nd level). It currently contains an “Evard’s Black Tentacles” and a “Cure Wounds” (cast at 2nd Level). To charge it with spells, a spellcaster can cast at the gem on the pommel and it then becomes stored, ready to be released by an attuned wielder. It takes one hour of concentration to become attuned to the blade. Only one person can be attuned and when another does it, the first is disconnected.

The nervous lawyer – Urmspolehurst approaches Sir Vassily asking for his aid. At first he tried to offer vassily money 20gp to protect him for a meeting at an Inn (tomorrow night). When the paladin pressed him for details the lawyer reluctantly explained his predicament…
Urmspoleshurst had upset the Leader of the Honest Johns – a crime guild in Baldur’s Gate. The lawyer had managed to get the leader’s younger brother executed on a legal technicality. “Urmsy” had then had to flee from Baldur’s Gate and is hoping to start a new life in Waterdeep with a new identity. He is meeting a hobbit in the Inn with details of his new identity but fears that, with all the recent delays, some of the guild might have overtaken them.



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