Dragons of Blackminster

Shar Gazoth 09 - GASTON NOOOOO!

The Keeper (Tamric) wasn’t going to surrender and the fight continued with him raising the Zombie Corpses in plate mail and assuming control of the Inquisitor’s last remaining Skeletal Warrior and re-assuming control over the one that had been turned against him.

Our heroes were all badly injured and running low on spells. Abraham had been ordered to kill Tamric on sight, but was torn as the old man had been his mentor for many years before beteraying the Church of the Inquisition and fleeing to join the Keepers.

In the middle of the fight, Davidian struck at the other Helm (the one encased/hidden in clay). It made a noise and shed the dried clay, revealing the shining brass helmet but nothing else happened.

Nothing else until Gaston pushed forward, threw off his own helm, lifted the new one and ..
“Gaston Noooooo!” but it was too late
.. as it settled on his head there was a slurping noise, he jolted and then slowly looked around.


It took a moment to get his bearings, but Number 3, one of the ancient immortal Keepers, was back in control of Flesh once more. These fools were attacking Number 5, they would pay for their impudence!

Number 3 began to strike out with his greatsword, pleased with the strength of his new host. Then he cast Arms of Hadar, sending black tendrils of force to strike at the others. Most fell, only Jock and Mulan were still standing and the two Keepers seemed about to finish them all.

Mulan used the second of the three flowers on her faerie circlet to Dominate Gaston, fortunately the Domination affected the Keeper as Gaston wasn’t really there at the time. The Faerie Artefact allowed for no resistance and Number 3 was completely dominated for the next hour.

Using one Keeper to fight the other, Mulan was able to use her other Fae gift and cast Mass Healing Word to restore her fallen companions.

Together they managed to kill Tamric (Keeper 5) and heaved a sigh of relief, until he rose again (Deathward!). He blasted them with a Fear spell causing Jock and Clayton to leg it. They just managed to kill him all over again. This time, as soon as he returned, Clayton snatched up the Keeper 5 Helm and ran off with it. He returned a few minutes later without the Helm and refused to say where he had hidden it.

Jock returned a little later, having struggled to overcome the Fear.

They had a long chat with Keeper 3 (the Domination spell let Mulan speak telepathically with him).

At some point in the confusion, Mulan order the Keeper to remove itself from Gaston. He cast Insect Plague and had the insects eat Gaston until he passed out.
The only way the Helm could leave its host was to knock out the Host, while it was dying, the Helm came loose.
For some reason, Gaston, as soon as he was healed, tried to put the Helm on again – the addictive nature of the Helm’s power perhaps, or just temporary madness? Fortunately the Domination was still running.

Davidian decide to take a look in the Keeper’s chambers and opened the door to find a thousand zombies (yes – you heard – a thousand!) all standing in neat rows in a huge room, lining the stairs up to large balconies.zombie_horde.png

Information about the Keepers…

_More than seven millennia ago, a Necromancer convinced the Demon Lord Orcus to send the 9 Keeper Helms into Jade. Ever since they have been building a Legion of the Undead, each one putting pressure on the Law of Death. Soon they will reach the limit and ALL THE DEAD WILL RISE in an Undead Apocalypse.

Putting on a Helm gives you no chance to resist the domination of the Keeper. The Host’s spirit only lasts a few days before it is totally consumed, but the body lasts for up to a hundred years or so, until the Keeper gets bored of it or it takes too much damage.

Normal spellcasters have a limit to how many Undead they can create. The Keepers don’t have a limit but each subsequent undead takes longer and longer to create. In order to keep the undead in a sort of stasis, they are mostly ordered to remain still in storage unless being used as guards or when the Keepers loan a platoon to the orcs. They have a truce with the orcs who let them keep building their Legion._

They send Gaston and the Helm into the Zombie Chamber to kill as many as he can before the dominate runs out. Then they smash Gaston unconscious again and remove the Helm. This time Abraham takes the helm and they watch Gaston carefully when he wakes up. He seems to be out of the Helm’s influence now.

Davidian used Speak with Dead to talk to Tamric’s corpse. He admitted to his crimes against the inquisition, he had made a bargain with the Keepers for one of the Helms (and what he thought would be immortality). In payment he destroyed all the books and scrolls of the inquisition relating to the Keepers. He apologised to Abraham, claiming his old-age and fear of death had forced him into this. However, he was clearly a complete git as he had sacrificed his own companions to the Mushrooms and to the Orcs and to the Keepers.

What little he knew about the Citadel itself was patchy, he only lived inside the Keeper for the first few days so had not gone down there. He believes the Cobweb Keep is more like a village of Drow with the Stair running straight through it. He advises them to seek the side tunnels and the great ravine that leads down to the Citadel, rather than go much further on the Stair.



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