Dragons of Blackminster

City Watch 01

[GM: We have started a new campaign based in the world of JADE in which the party are all members of the City Watch in Eastport.]

Some campaign background can be found on another Obsidian Portal site https://jadecitywatch.obsidianportal.com/wikis/main-page

The previous watch patrol was wiped out by aquatic ghouls (while protecting the barge-folk on the Kings River). Clearly the usual application requirements have been lifted and the new recruits are sure to be a great trial for their commanding officer – Captain Julius (only a few months from retirement!)

Carl – playing Abraham – a Mortus Priest who joined the watch to get some experience as an investigator as he hopes to one day join the Inquisition.

Frank – playing Ulysses (Gaston) of Adunohowe – an arrogant human warrior of noble birth. He has some good qualities and thinks that a year in the Watch (helping out the wretched lower classes) will look good on his CV when he goes into politics in later life.

Matt – playing Mulan – a female half-elf rogue, press-ganged into the Watch as an alternative to a jail sentence for burglary.

That first morning, Captain Julius gives them two simple jobs…

“There have been some reports of big rats, down by the river barges. These things usually stay in the sewers but they came out and ate a guard dog yesterday afternoon. Here’s the key to the sewer gate in case you need to go in there. Sort it out before anyone gets hurt.”

“The other job is a report of a break-in at the Pottery Barn two nights ago. The intruder broke a cheap statue and stole the owner’s shop ledger. We don’t usually bother with this sort of minor thing, but the owner is distantly related to my boss – so…”

They decided to stay out of the sewers and went for the “investigation” instead.

Clues led them all over town, chasing broken statues, upsetting a few citizens.

Eventually the harmless robbery got upgraded to a murder inquiry and led them to a showdown in the Necropolis at midnight.

Not a bad first day’s work, but they forgot all about the rat problem and tomorrow’s news is that a drunk old man has been killed and partly eaten by the rats while they were “messing about in the boneyard”.



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