Dragons of Blackminster

ToA 011 NangNang and the Brown Eggs

[GM – apologies, this is Note Form]
Finding the Frog Mask
Return of Grey, pursued by Wight and Skeletons
The Wight was the previous ambassador for the Morningstars (very quickly turned into undead)
The Wight and Skeletons demonstrated Turn Resistance (things are getting worse)
Avoiding a spiked pit in the Maze
Getting lost in the Maze
Finding the way out – asking the Morningstars to wait a little longer.
Finding their way through just as the Morningstars give up waiting and start to burn the Maze.
Audience with the Grung King
Juma disguised as a Grung female and wearing the Mask of NangNang so pretends to be the goddess.
Juma uses the Love Potion and falls for the King (King also falls for “her”).
Others go out to talk down the Morningstars
Juma convinces King to make peace (and even provide guides and scouts for the Moirningstars, saying it is important to drive out the Undead, not the Morningstars)
When asked to produce her eggs – Juma does the best he can (to much hilarity). Fortunately the other females of the tribe will deposit their eggs in the Royal Birthing Pools too, so nobody will notice!

They allow Click to lead them to Kir Sabal (three days south).
Meet the High Priestess of the Aaracokra – Asheera. She tells them they are the chosen heroes of destiny, only they can restore the glories of lost Omu, by defeating the Evil that grows in the Tomb of the Nine Gods.
They will need a mask each to survive in the Tomb.

They are told there is a Mask in the Lost Gardens of Nangalore. It is (probably) being worn by the ancient, immortal queen Zakaloré.

They explain the history of the Queen and how they are the descendants of the Queens’ Guard.

They explain how they have kept the two royal children safe for 3,000 years, but they are waking more frequently now.

Grey steals the young prince! He was given a magic item by Nanny PuPu and uses it to transform into a vulture and carry off the sleeping child. There is no time to mount a rescue mission, it is too far. The Aaracokra will go after him while our heroes head to Nangalore for another mask.