Dragons of Blackminster

ToA 12 - The Pleasure Gardens of Nangalore

Two days trek across the Jungle brought them to the Pleasure Gardens of Nangalore.


Across the little river, the gardens rose in steps, leading back to three mighty domes. The central one has its dome almost completely collapsed and open to the sky. Further back and to the left a smaller dome was also cracked and half open. The only intact dome (another small one) was back and to the right.

Despite spotting that two of the “logs” in the river were drifting towards him, against the current, Ariel jumped into the water. This led to a fight with two giant crocodiles. At various points in the fight…

Ariel was an octopus, counter grappling the croc that had him in a death roll.
Ront was straddling a spinning croc.
Juma (the wizard) leapt into the water to bite a croc and try to use Vampiric Touch on it.
Click was left holding a rope, tied to Juma.

Eventually they killed the crocs, but the noise and firebolts had drawn the attention of some Cranes (actually intelligent crane-like creatures called Eblis). The Eblis flew in high and used spells (Hypnotic Pattern and Firebolts).


Click (I think) finished off the Eblis using a Call Lightning spell (but I may have misremembered this as something similar happened in another version of reality!).

Before they managed to rest, Ront swam across and climbed into the lowest terrace of the garden only to find that a dangling tendril of a plant tried to grab him. Just the touch of its tendril seemed to do considerable psychic damage. He fled away but the Creeper released a cloud of spores that seemed to possess Ront and the half-orc tried to swim back and climb the wall again. Then Juma was affected too and with some effort they managed to drag the two obsessed characters away and our heroes were forced to flee back into the jungle.